Recent publications

  1. Lower and Upper Bounds on the Randomness Complexity of Private Computations of AND

    (with Eyal Kushilevitz, Rafail Ostrovsky, Emmanuel Prouff, Adi Rosen & Adrian Thillard) 17th Theory of Cryptography Conference, TCC 2019
    (A. Rosen & D. Hofheinz, eds.)
    Springer, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci., to appear, 2019
  2. Cryptanalysis of Server-Aided RSA Protocols with Private-Key Splitting

    (with Thierry Mefenza) The Computer Journal, Volume 62, Issue 8, 1178-1193 (2019) [DOI]
  3. Polynomial interpolation of the generalized Diffie-Hellman and Naor-Reingold functions

    (with Thierry Mefenza) Designs, Codes and Cryptography
    Volume 87, Issue 1, 75-85 (2019) [DOI]
  4. Analysis and Improvement of an Authentication Scheme in Incremental Cryptography

    (with Louiza Khati) Selected Areas in Cryptography - SAC 2018
    (C. Cid & M. J. Jacobson Jr. eds.)
    Springer, Lect. Notes Comput. Sci., vol. 11349, 2019, p. 50-70 [DOI]