The Almasty team was created in April 2015. The Almasty team is mainly oriented toward the use of algorithmic and effective mathematic techniques to propose and improve modern cryptosystems and assess their security levels. Toward this goal, it makes use of numerous mathematical tools and develop algorithms to improve computations beyond what is reachable with state-of-the-art methods. The research activity of the Almasty team addresses the following topics: provable security, (pseudo-)randomness in cryptography, security against side-channel attacks, secure multi-party computation, (post-)quantum cryptography, cryptanalysis, high-performance computing, ...


Feb 1, 2023 Michele Orrù joined the team as CNRS Research Scientist :man:
Nov 1, 2022 Julia Sauvage joined the team to do a PhD on tools and algorithms for solving polynomial systems in cryptography :woman:
Oct 1, 2022 Mickaël Hamdad joined the team to do a PhD on Algorithms for the nearest neighbor problem and application to cryptanalysis :man:
Sep 19, 2022 Ahmed Khulaif Alharbi joined the team to do a PhD on Computational complexity models in the cloud :man:
Aug 25, 2022 paper on zero-knowledge arguments for the subset sum problem accepted in Asiacrypt 2022 :memo: