Damien Vergnaud

I hold a doctorate degree in mathematics from the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (France) and an habilitation thesis in computer science from the École normale supérieure (France). My research focuses on the design of efficient and secure cryptographic protocols, theoretical aspects of provable security, number theory and randomness in cryptography.


Jan 19, 2023 preprint on a template attack on Dilithium is now on IACR eprint :memo:
Nov 30, 2022 book “Asymmetric Cryptography: Primitives and Protocols” coordinated by David Pointcheval published in the SCIENCES encyclopedia (“Computer Science” field directed by Valérie Berthé and Jean-Charles Pomerol / “Cryptography, Data Security” subject headed by Damien Vergnaud) :book:
Oct 27, 2022 preprint on the quantum security of subset cover problems is now on arXiv and IACR eprint :memo:
Aug 25, 2022 paper on zero-knowledge arguments for the subset sum problem accepted in Asiacrypt 2022 :memo: